Jul 29, 2007


Nestlé Waters bottled water products – including natural spring water, natural mineral waters and flavoured water – contain no harmful levels of bromate and consumers can be assured that our products are safe to drink. Our products are in full compliance and always well below the bottled water regulatory standards established for bromate by Health Canada and the World Health Organization.

Health Canada’s guidelines state that the acceptable concentration for bromate is 10 parts per billion (ppb). Nestlé Waters Canada and Nestlé Waters North America have set a maximum level specification of 0.5 ppb, which is 20 times lower than the concentration considered acceptable by Health Canada. In addition, our equipment is designed to shut down should the ozone exceed the set low level.

Monitoring for bromate is part of our company’s daily Quality Control testing program. Nestlé Waters Canada adheres to a strict, multiple barrier approach to quality and, on average, conducts more than 1,700 tests a day on our product. This regimen includes several daily testing protocols, state-of-the-art quality monitoring equipment, micro-filtration of our water and sanitation of our bottling lines. We also follow a proven process of carefully controlled, low-level ozone treatment for disinfection. All of these actions help ensure that our products exceed bottled water regulatory standards for bromate.

Bromate in bottled water is caused when ozone, introduced during the ozonation process, interacts with harmless bromide ions in the water. Not all bottled water contains bromide ions.

Our commitment to ensuring quality control in bottled water goes beyond our own products. As part of the Canadian Bottled Water Association, we have conducted with other industry leaders numerous workshops for other Canadian water bottlers on how to use and control ozone usage in a safe manner.

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