Ontario 2017 Safety Summit

Aug 1, 2017



The truck inspection station which had cement barricades to ensure the safety of our inspectors.      

On July 18th and 19th, Nestlé Waters Canada held the Ontario 2017 Carrier Safety Summit. This two-day event welcomed over 25 people from 8 different carrier companies, including our tanker hauling company that work with Nestlé Waters Canada in Ontario. The first day of the Summit was a forum for our company and carriers to share and celebrate their best safety practices, discuss what is happening in the industry, and to continue having conversations about safety.

Most of the carriers gave presentations on their company and safety practices, highlighting their best safety practices in the workplace. The founder of Fleetmetrica alsojoined to teach everyone about telemetrics and how to use the data to analyze potential hazards for drivers.

The next day, the Carrier Safety Blitz was held in our trailer yard. Representatives from carrier companies and our employees inspected trucks that came into the facility before they went to the shipping docks.

The truck inspection station which had cement barricades to ensure the safety of our inspectors.

Our planning team received positive feedback from our carriers who volunteered as inspectors and those who got their trucks inspected- this was the first time anyone had participated in a safety summit held by a partner. We are looking forward to making the Safety Summit an annual event!

The success of the Safety Summit is a testament to the value that Nestlé Waters places on safety, doing everything to ensure that every employee goes home in the same way they came to work.

This Summit could not have happened without the hard work and dedication from our logistics team, as well as all of the employees who volunteered their time to help out with the Summit. Thank-you for all of your great work!