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The Beverage Market

Nestlé Waters Canada Has a Distinct Advantage

Our main focus is on one type of product: bottled water. That focus is our strength and makes us unique among the beverage giants. We do bottled water right, from sourcing, bottling and distribution, to packaging and market strategy. As a result, Nestlé Waters Canada has been the bottled water industry leader since its beginning.

Canadian Industry Trends

People are increasingly returning to water as their choice of refreshment and source for well-being. In fact, in 2007, 75 percent of households purchased some type of bottled water; the average household purchases 81.6 litres per year.*

More and more, Canadians are remembering the reason they've always enjoyed water. They appreciate the convenience and portability of bottled water as one of their packaged beverage choices - after all, it's full of refreshment and free of calories and additives.

Nestlé Waters Canada Company Trends

The best brands at the best prices' have created one vital company. Our brands are top performers, and our significant investments in our people, facilities and technology have led to high-speed manufacturing practices and a low-cost distribution system. The result is that Nestlé Waters Canada represented 33 percent of the bottled water market as of Q1 2015, excluding bulk.