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Originating from Vergèze in the south of France, the strength of Perrier’s bubbles has conquered the world with its mystical, original image.

Founded: 1863
Nestlé Waters Canada brand: 1979

Did You Know? Perrier:

There really is a person named Perrier. It was Dr. Perrier, a dedicated physician, who recognized the restorative properties of the spring water and marvelled at the unique, sparkling taste experience. Today, as the world’s leading carbonated water, Perrier’s curvy green bottle is recognized and welcomed around the globe.

Compared with other sparkling mineral waters, perrier has a stable natural composition that is very low in bicarbonate and sodium, resulting in a distinctive, crisp taste and an uncontrollable urge to drink bottle after bottle.

Perrier’s delicate balance of carbonation and minerals is responsible for its world-famous taste.

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