Citizenship Report

A leader in corporate citizenship

Creating Shared Value is a basic principle of Nestlé Waters Canada’s business strategy that we believe is a requirement for the long-term sustainability of our business. We recognize the importance of creating value for a broad spectrum of stakeholders – from customers, to employees and to society as a whole. We believe transparency is critical to building trust, and reporting is one way we engage in dialogue with stakeholders.

We published our first corporate citizenship report in 2008, our second in 2010 and we will report every two years.

2012 Creating Shared Value Report

The 2012 Creating Shared Value Report is organized around four overarching principles, nine supporting goals and 17 related performance targets, all of which are aimed at addressing our most material issues. The report also includes a progress update on the goals we established in 2010, most of which have been met or are on the road to being fulfilled. Learn more about each of our core principles. Download the 2012 Corporate Citizenship Report.

2013 Nestle S.A. Creating Shared Value Report

The Nestlé in society: Creating Shared Value and meeting our commitments 2013 summary report focuses on Nestlé S.A.’s work in nutrition, one of three focus areas of its Creating Shared Value approach. It also provides an update on the Company’s CSV activities in water and rural development, as well as related progress in the areas of environmental sustainability and compliance during 2013. Furthermore, it sets out specific commitments the Company is working towards in the areas of nutrition, water, rural development, sustainability and compliance. Download the full 2013 Corporate Citizenship Report to learn more about each of our core principles.