When it comes to water education, we take a leadership role in teaching today’s students – from elementary school to doctoral candidates – to appreciate and conserve water. We host school groups at our Puslinch, Ontario and Hope, British Columbia factories throughout the year, and we also partner with educational institutions and organizations who do great work in their communities to protect and preserve our natural resources.

Hear from some of our partners


University of Guelph

Nestlé Waters Canada has a long history of working with the University of Guelph. After several years of funding, we donated $460,000 in 2016 to the G360 Groundwater Research program, which in 2019 led to an $11 million grant in federal funding. In addition to financial support, we also work closely with the university on local projects. In 2018, a partnership between Nestlé Waters Canada, the University of Guelph, and the Township of Puslinch was formed to drill monitoring wells for the Township of Puslinch. It is a great example of industry, the university, and municipalities working together to protect and understand groundwater resources.

“The ultimate goal is improved groundwater resource utilization policies and public awareness of the importance of sustainable water strategies and we are excited to be able count on Nestlé Waters’ support.” – Dr. Beth Parker, Director, G360 Institute for Groundwater Research


Hope Mountain Centre

Over the past 10 years, Nestlé Waters’ sponsorship totaling $175,165 has helped fund several programs at the Hope Mountain Centre. The educational programs are all jointly developed by Fraser Cascade School District and the Centre. These outdoor programs emphasize experiential learning, encouraging students to learn with fun, hands-on activities, and are led by educational experts and gives young students the chance to get outside and gain a better understanding of the ecosystems where they live.

“Nestlé Waters has been an excellent sponsor and have gone beyond the financial support: they are genuinely interested and value the outdoor education we are able to provide. Teachers, parents and staff have expressed tremendous support for all of the programs.” – Michele Drummond, Board Chair, Hope Mountain Centre


Project WET (Water Education for Teachers)

Project WET’s (Water Education for Teachers) mission is to promote water education to reach children, parents, teachers, and community members, and empower them to take positive action to solve water-related issues. Through this partnership, Nestlé Waters Canada is supporting the education of Ontario youth about the importance of water stewardship.

“The $100,000 financial sponsorship provided by Nestlé Waters Canada to Project WET Canada allowed us to plan and deliver the first ever three-day Project WET Facilitator Leadership Workshop in Ontario for environmental educators and the water resources people you recruited. During the last four academic years, we certified 327 educators, in 19 Project WET 2.0 workshops and 35 educators in two Getting Little Feet WET workshops. We certified 22 facilitators in a total of five leadership events including one on one mentoring.” – Project WET Canada Management Team