Beverage Pyramid

What We're Doing Today

Nestlé Waters Canada invests in research and educational materials to inform consumers about healthy beverage choices. In 2009, we introduced the Beverage Pyramid to doctors, nutritionists and consumers, based on research conducted by Dr. Barry Popkin and the Beverage Guidance Panel. Similar to Canada's Food Guide, the Beverage Pyramid shows consumers how to achieve a healthy balance of calories from beverages and provides daily recommendations for each category, emphasizing the importance of including water in the mix.

Moving Forward

We're committed to conducting our business in a way that is environmentally responsible and mindful of water and other natural resources we all depend on. We're focused on advancing our commitment to providing access to safe, clean water.

Turn your beverage habit upside down.

The purpose of the beverage pyramid is to help you understand just how many calories “hide” in beverages and to provide a guide to how many calories a day should come from beverages. The average person gets over 20% of their total caloric intake each day from beverages. Research suggests that this number should be closer to 10%. This means that no more than 200 -300 calories for adults consuming a diet of 2000 calories a day should come from beverages.