Hiring Process

Learning About Available Opportunities

The initial step involves learning about the needs that we have in our various organizations. You may be starting this process right now by learning more about us on this Web site. You may also have learned about us through participating in a career fair, attending an open house, reading an ad on an online job board, from friends or family, or being contacted by a talent recruiter. Or, you may be a current customer who enjoys our product so much that you want to become a part of the team.

Completing Pre-Screening Exercises

For some positions, we may ask you to complete online pre-screening questions. This step helps us determine if you meet our basic qualifications for the particular role and division for which you are applying. It also allows us to learn more about you and your skills.

Participating in Interviews

Ask just about any Nestlé Waters Canada employee how many times they interviewed when they first applied for employment with us. Answers of 3 times or more are not uncommon. This cultural trait is not designed to be intentionally difficult. A strenuous interview process on the front end is the most effective and honest way in which both you (as a job seeker) and us (as a potential employer) can tell whether we will be a good match together. Some of these interviews could include:

  • A screening interview to help us assess basic job requirements, work history/background, communication skills and motivational fit.
  • A team interview with various members of the hiring team; it’s a forum for exchange, learning, and questions about you, the organization, and the position for which you are interviewing.
  • An organizational fit interview may be conducted to allow us to determine if culturally we are a match for each other.

Making an On Site Visit

For many positions, we encourage candidates to participate in a site visit where feasible. This part of the process allows you to see and experience what a day on the job is actually like at Nestlé Waters Canada. It also gives you an excellent opportunity to experience our culture first hand and to ask questions of potential future colleagues, teams, and managers. Factory tours, line visits, and route rides are all examples of on site visits.

Receiving an Offer

Once you’ve successfully completed the other steps and the process, and if you’re selected for the position for which you’ve been interviewing, we may extend a conditional offer to you. Once you’ve successfully completed any tests, screenings, background checks, drug testing and/or permit requirements for your particular position, we then extend a formal offer to you. You then begin working with your new manager and department to determine your start date.