Our Work Culture

At Nestlé Waters Canada, respect for the environment, for each other, and for the communities where we live and work forms the core of our company's culture. This philosophy finds its expression in our Aspirations and Beliefs, the guiding principles that define who we are as a company.

Each of the sections below provides examples of how our Aspirations and Beliefs guide every action that we take on a daily basis and shape our culture with every bottle of water we produce.

Building Customer Loyalty

We earn our customer's loyalty by:

  • Providing the best possible value
  • Being reliable and honoring commitments
  • Being responsive
  • Maintaining production and distribution costs to pass savings along to consumers
  • Providing great products through constant innovation
  • Recognizing that "one size doesn't fit all"
  • Listening to our customers and using their feedback to innovate and improve our products and services

Inspiring Passion and Commitment

We want to create an environment where people do more than just draw a paycheck. We want everyone to be excited about:

  • Creating customer value
  • Fostering creativity to solve problems
  • Developing skills and capabilities

To create this environment, we're committed to:

  • Creating a cause worthy of commitment
  • Providing people with the responsibility, freedom and skills to contribute to our collective success
  • Serving as positive role models that embody our beliefs

Consistently Achieving Key Business Objectives

We set and achieve the highest goals across our organization: for financial growth, for customers, for process improvement, for market share growth, and for cultural development. Our teams achieve this by:

  • Valuing consistency and predictability in performance
  • Expecting individuals and teams to set realistic, but challenging targets and to work hard to achieve them
  • Making financial decisions based upon the short and long-term effect on the company
  • Thinking and acting like owners, treating the company’s financial resources as if they are our own
  • Holding people accountable for performance, celebrating when we have done well

Acting with an Entrepreneurial Company Spirit

Entrepreneurship means everyone thinks like an owner and works to improve the business daily. At Nestlé Waters Canada, our teams achieve this by:

  • Innovating and finding new and better ways to create value for our customers and to manage our business
  • Taking risks and learning from failures
  • Thinking prudently and taking action
  • Taking initiatives to get things done
  • Sharing experiences so we can learn together

Constantly Improving the Company and Ourselves

At Nestlé Waters Canada, we firmly believe that constant learning and improvement are key drivers to sustaining and enhancing our success as a company and as individuals. To achieve this, our teams are always:

  • Learning about customers, competitors, business conditions, and ever-changing technologies
  • Experimenting with new ways of doing things and adopting best practices
  • Finding ways to distinguish ourselves from our competition
  • Improving the speed at which we understand, adapt and react to our customers’ changing needs and expectations
  • Enhancing our personal value through constant learning and improvement
  • Challenging the assumptions and beliefs which shape our behavior

Respect for People, the Community and the Environment

To unleash the passions and capabilities of Nestlé Waters Canada people so that they can do great things, we continually ensure that the environments in which we work encourage and reward:

  • Treating everyone fairly and with dignity
  • Behaving as an exemplary citizen and participate with sensitivity in the community
  • Considering it our utmost duty to be good stewards and preserve and enhance the natural environment

Honesty and Integrity

To inspire trust and confidence in our customers, our owners and each other, we’re constantly committed to creating an environment that encourages:

  • Telling the truth, even when it contains bad news
  • Keeping commitments and promises
  • Giving open and honest feedback


Teamwork is at the core of our beliefs. At Nestlé Waters Canada, we interact well with others inside and outside the company to achieve our results. We do this by:

  • Putting the customer, other individuals, and the company above ourselves when making decisions
  • Cooperating rather than competing with others inside the company
  • Helping others within Nestlé Waters Canada to be their best
  • Working together to enhance the value we provide customers

A Commitment to Safety

At Nestlé Waters Canada, we take the safety of our employees and of the communities in which we operate very seriously. It is the responsibility of all our employees to uphold the most safe acts and environments.