Career Mobility

Chart your own success at Nestle Waters Canada

One of the key differentiators that make Nestlé Waters Canada attractive to prospective and new employees is our commitment to each employee's career growth. Regardless of where you begin your career with us – whether it's as a Sales Representative, as a Production Technician, as an assistant Natural Resource Manager, or as a Brand Manager – we encourage everyone to take an active role in her or his professional development with us. We provide a range of programs and opportunities across all our divisions to help you achieve professional success.

Achieving Success

There are many routes that you can take to achieve career success at Nestlé Waters Canada.

Much will depend on personal initiative, drive, and business need. We have, however, recognized several traits across our entire organization that successful individuals exhibit.

  • Demonstrating an enthusiasm and willingness to learn and get involved
  • Initiating and participating in projects
  • Participating in the trainer/mentor programs
  • Taking advantage of formal and informal learning opportunities, including Learning Time, classroom participation, e-learning, feedback, and work-with
  • Reaching beyond current boundaries for new opportunities
  • Utilizing the Performance Development programs by participating equally with leaders, expressing interest in growth, following up on areas for improvement, and completing action plans
  • Delivering against established goals
  • Exhibiting interest in cross-functional experiences versus specialization
  • Demonstrating sustained success within current role

Help Along the Way

Nestlé Waters Canada believes that people are our competitive advantage. Technology and processes are easy to replicate, but the passion and capability of our people to do great things for our customers, the environment, the community, and each other is the key to sustaining our organization.

In order to unleash the passion and capabilities of people throughout the company, we focus on the following strategies to help you achieve career success with us:

  • Educating everyone on our unique culture through the Beginning the Journey program
  • Building, refining, and managing people systems that are consistent with our Aspirations and Beliefs and our strategic directions, including: ◦Performance Development
    ◦360-degree Feedback
    ◦Succession Planning
  • Developing and building a deep bench of leadership talent within the organization
  • Providing learning opportunities that build everyone's skills and capabilities

Paths Toward Achievement

While it's impossible to communicate every possible path that one might experience at Nestlé Waters Canada, we can provide a few samples that show the breadth of opportunities that you can expect to find throughout our organization. While there are many promotional opportunities for individuals to move up in the organization, career paths often include lateral moves across the organization which enable the person to learn about our organization.

In our Retail organization, a typical path could look something like this:

  • Retail Sales Representative – Territory Account Manager – Key Account Manager – Retail Unit Leader – Regional Account Manager – Zone Manager – General Manager – Vice President

In our Supply Chain organization, two typical paths could include:

  • Forklift Driver – Warehouse Resource – Demand Planner – Production Resource – Warehouse Manager
  • Production Resource – Warehouse Resource – Production Manager – Supply Chain Manager