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Nov 5, 2018

November 2, 2018 update:

Q: Why should we believe Nestlé cares about the community, it’s a multinational whose head office is in Europe.

A: We care because we also live in the communities where we operate. Nestlé Waters Canada employs over 300 people across the region with over 100 workers in Wellington County alone. We make nearly $1 million in local purchases (which includes local contractors) and contribute more than $1 million in local taxes (we’re the largest taxpayer in Wellington County). Our kids attend the same schools and we drive on the same roads. We are about the health and sustainability of the water that we all share. That’s why we remain committed to protecting this valuable resource for generations to come.

October 19, 2018 update:

Q: Does your company really believe water is a human right?

A: We unequivocally believe that access to water is a human right. Everyone, everywhere in the world, has the right to clean, safe water for drinking and sanitation. We believe that the responsible management of water resources by all users is absolutely necessary. Nestlé is a founding signatory of the UN Global Company CEO Water Mandate, and we work with communities, leading experts, governments, and universities to help ensure effective water management and stewardship. Here at home, we take great pride in and remain committed to the work that we do to ensure the quality and sustainability of the water supply that we all share so that our community has access to safe, clean water for generations to come.

October 12, 2018 update:

Q: I just saw the Greenpeace environmental audit on ocean pollution. Nestlé is listed as one of the top offenders. What are you doing to address the problem?

A: We recognize that ocean plastic is a global issue. At Nestlé Waters, we take our role in environmental protection seriously. That’s why in Canada, Nestlé Pure Life bottles are 100% recyclable PET and why we’ve worked to reduce the amount of plastic in our 500ml bottles by 40%. We also collaborate with the Canadian Beverage Association to pilot recycling programs in public spaces across the country, including here at home in the Town of Erin. Over the years we’ve made a lot of progress, but know there’s more to be done. We remain committed to reducing our impact on the natural environment and protecting the valuable resources that we all share.

October 4, 2018 update:

Q. How much do you pay for water, and why is it so much less than I do at home?

A. Spring water bottlers in Ontario (which includes Nestlé Waters) pay $503.71 per million litres, which is the highest rate for permit holders in the province. Some other industries pay $3.71 per million litres. When you get water from your tap at home, you don’t pay for water, the rate you pay is based on how much you use measured by your water meter, which covers the cost of delivery, infrastructure, and treatment of the water. Similarly, for many who have their own residential wells, they don’t pay for water, they only pay for the maintenance and upkeep of their well. We operate in a community that doesn’t have a municipal water supply, therefore we are responsible for the cost of our own water infrastructure.

September 27, 2018 update:

Q. Did you really outbid Centre Wellington to purchase the Middlebrook Bottling Co well?

A. We did not outbid the Township for the Middlebrook well. We did not know the Township put in a counterbid since their bid was anonymous. When we found out they were interested in buying the well, we offered to donate the property ensuring a guaranteed revenue source, however our donation was refused. We remain open and committed to working with the community and to protecting the water that we all share. For us, community needs always come first.

September 20, 2018 update

Q: I appreciate that one of the benefits of bottled water is for communities and countries where potable water is unavailable. What percentage of the water you bottle goes to these areas of the country/world?

A: The water we bottle in Aberfoyle is sold and distributed in Canada, however, every year Nestlé Canada also donates over one million bottles to emergency relief efforts across the country and various charitable organizations in our community. When disaster strikes, we work with the Canadian Red Cross to get water to the people who need it. Nestlé delivered two truckloads of water to New Brunswick in response to flooding earlier this year and over 750,000 bottles to fire relief efforts in BC. As a proud member of our community we support the Guelph Gators Mites, Puslinch Optimist Club, Aberfoyle Farmers Market, Puslinch Minor Soccer and a number of local public schools with donated water.

September 13, 2018 update

Q: What happens when [you] need to reduce consumption due to drought and other unforeseeable acts of nature? Will you be responsible and cut back?

A: At Nestlé, we take water management seriously. We plan for the unexpected so if there is a drought (or during a level 1 response), we cut back on our use – proactively and voluntarily setting limits on ourselves that are 10% lower than what the government allows during these weather conditions. Nestlé is a proud member of the Guelph Wellington Community and remains thoroughly committed to protecting the water resources that we all share.

September 6, 2018 Update

Q: Are you operating illegally on expired permits?

A: We have always operated legally, even during this time while we are applying for a new permit; we continue to be governed by the rules of the previous permit. Under the Government of Ontario’s Water Resources Act Section 34.1 (6) all the terms and conditions of our current permits to take water (PTTW) for Aberfoyle and Erin remain in force until the provincial regulators have made a decision on our permit renewal applications. We are committed to ensuring out PTTW applications are fully compliant with the ministry’s new technical and procedural requirements.

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