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Jun 05, 2017

Our Commitment to Erin

Dear Neighbours and Residents of Erin,

Another long and (hopefully) relaxing summer is about to begin in Erin. It’s such a great time for kids, parents, friends and neighbours to get together and enjoy our Town and its outdoor spaces.

As a member of this community for nearly 20 years and employing over 300 people, Nestlé Waters Canada is working hard to contribute more as a partner. And so this year, we launched a new initiative with the Town - a fund delivering a minimum of $25,000 a year to support investments in community-oriented infrastructure and other strategies to drive prosperity and community-building for Erin.

The Erin Community Benefit Fund is Nestlé Waters’ way of saying we are committed to this Town and its residents. We want to be part of Erin’s success.

We’re all in for a sustainable and prospering Erin.

In the past we have supported Erin’s Barbour Field, the Erin Skate Park and its public spaces recycling bins. But we needed to step-up and do more. So, this new fund is different. It is long-term, it is sustainable and it is predictable.

For us, it’s not just about bottled water. Rather, this fund is a way of giving back to a community that supports us. It demonstrates our long-term commitment to protect and sustainably manage the water resources, to invest in community-building infrastructure, and to support a healthy and progressive future for Erin.

We want to be a member of this community for years and years to come, and we remain committed to environmental excellence and sustainable water use.

If you’re looking for more information about our operations, I have included a high-level fact sheet and encourage you to see how we’re all in at I hope to see you at my Erin Community Office Hours on June 9 between 3 and 5 PM at the Hillsburgh Community Centre (95 Trafalgar Road, Hillsburgh).

Thank you,

Andreanne Simard,
Natural Resource Manager, Nestlé Waters Canada

P.S. Stay tuned for details about our Aberfoyle Plant Open House in September 2017! 

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