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Jun 28, 2017

Project Water 2017

Nestlé Waters continues support for Project Water for 11th year
Project Water 2017

A bottle of water can save a life. That is why Nestlé Waters Canada has been a proud partner and water donor to Project Water since 2006. On Thursday, June 22, hundreds of volunteers, including a team from Nestlé Waters Canada and Toronto Police Services, delivered Summer Survival Kits to those experiencing homeless in Toronto. The kits were packed with 300,000 bottles of Nestlé Pure Life. In total, 150 agencies benefitted from the 3,000 survival kits – a small gesture with a huge impact.

Clean and safe drinking water it critical to survival. According to the World Health Organization, humans need 10 Litres of water (drinking and food) a day on average for short-term survival. But many – in Canada and across the world – don’t have access to enough freshwater for themselves or their families. In Canada, more homeless people die from dehydration in the summer than from exposure in the winter.

We are proud to support Engage and Change, the charity leading Project Water, and encourage everyone to consider giving generously to the cause.

For more information on the success of this day, see Global TV’s  coverage of the event.

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