Nestlé Waters Canada Encourages New Ontario Government Fee for Water Bottlers be Directed to Holistic and Scientific Water Management Programs

To Press Releases listJun 8, 2017

The following statement is attributed to Debbie Moore, President, Nestlé Waters Canada:

(Guelph, ON) – The Government of Ontario formally announced a new fee of $500.00 per million litres for water bottling facilities using Permits to Take Water today. This is in addition to the existing $3.71 per million litres for water currently in place.  As we stated on January 18, 2017 when the pricing EBR #012-9574 – A Regulation to Establish a New Water Bottling Charge was announced, Nestlé Waters Canada will accept the water pricing set by the government through the public consultation process.  Unfortunately, it is not being applied in a fair and equitable manner across all groundwater permit holders.  Protecting Ontario’s water resources and ensuring proper resource management is a priority that should be shared by the Government of Ontario and all commercial groundwater permit holders.

We encourage the Ontario Government to direct this fee increase towards improving scientific principles to effectively manage groundwater permit holders across the province. A provincial regulator with the necessary financial resources is critical to holistically and indefinitely manage Ontario’s shared water resources. But the new fee structure is not equitable across all industry – 99.8% of users with permits to take water are exempt from this fee increase. All commercial groundwater users should be encouraged to pay their fair share for water they withdraw.

The new fee, which will come into effect on August 1, 2017, will be applied to all water used to support the Nestlé Waters Canada plant. In addition to water used for bottling, this includes water used for sanitation and cleaning the equipment as well as the general facilities which serve our 300+ employees in Aberfoyle. Nestlé Waters Canada’s plant and head office in Aberfoyle, Ontario does not have access to a municipal water system like other industrial users.  It is disappointing that this increased fee will also apply to operational water-use therefore further increasing the overall cost of doing business in Ontario. 

As a proud local manufacturer and employer, Nestlé Waters Canada has worked – and continues to work – responsibly to contribute to the success of both Wellington County and the province. We look forward to working with our partners across industry, government and the public to protect and improve our water systems while creating the conditions for shared and sustainable prosperity.

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