Nestlé Waters Canada, Waterfront Development Corporation and Resource Recovery Fund Board Nova Scotia launch province’s first pilot public spaces recycling program

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Nestlé Waters Canada, Waterfront Development Corporation and Resource Recovery Fund Board Nova Scotia launch province’s first pilot public spaces recycling program  

Environmental initiative will see recyclables recovered from Halifax waterfront

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia – Nestlé Waters Canada, Waterfront Development Corporation Limited (WDC) and Resource Recovery Fund Board Nova Scotia (RRFB Nova Scotia) today announced the launch of the first pilot public spaces recycling program of its kind in Nova Scotia – a ground-breaking environmental initiative that will occur on Halifax’s historic waterfront.

Public spaces recycling captures the “last mile” of recyclables – items typically captured through Nova Scotia’s deposit-refund and curbside recycling programs that are abandoned by consumers in park spaces, recreational facilities like arenas, street scapes, transit stops, bars and restaurants, elementary and secondary schools, convenience stores and gas stations.

First established by the Canadian beverage industry and the Government of Quebec and launched in Quebec in June 2008, this particular public spaces recycling methodology is achieving recovery rates as high as 85 percent for recyclables, including glass, aluminum, plastic and paper. Through its focus on public education campaigns and citizen participation, the initiative is augmenting the province’s existing deposit-return and curbside programs by increasing recycling rates.

Nestlé Waters Canada, WDC and RRFB Nova Scotia are funding the cost of purchasing new recycling container infrastructure for the pilot project. The coalition is also responsible for the overall management of the project as well as pre- and post-pilot measurement of the program. WDC and the Regional Municipality of Halifax are responsible for assuming the operating costs associated with any changes to current waste management services contracts on their sections of the waterfront. The pilot began in August and will conclude in October.

The pilot program, designed and implemented by StewardEdge, will be three months in duration and include strategically placed new bins, signage and public education. Additionally, waste audits conducted pre and post-implementation will measure the effectiveness of the initiative. The results will be forwarded to the Nova Scotia Ministry of the Environment for consideration of this type of public spaces recycling as a future complement to the Province’s current deposit-return and curbside recycling programs.

“The Halifax waterfront is one of the most spectacular seaside venues in Canada – and the establishment of public spaces recycling here will only enhance its beauty by making recycling and waste management more convenient for all who visit,” said Colin MacLean, President and Chief Executive Officer, Waterfront Development Corporation Limited. “We want to thank Nestlé Waters Canada and the Canadian beverage industry for taking the initiative to work with us to establish this pilot and, when successful, make it the first permanent public spaces recycling program in Nova Scotia.”
“While recycling rates in Nova Scotia are amongst the highest in Canada, we won’t achieve 100 percent diversion of recyclables unless we make recycling more convenient for consumers – and that requires that we take a serious look at public spaces recycling through this pilot program,” explained Bill Ring, Chief Executive Officer, Resource Recovery Fund Board Nova Scotia. “This initiative will help us to fully understand whether or not public spaces recycling can cost-effectively and efficiently increase diversion rates for recyclable materials across the province.”

“It is our objective to collect 100 percent of the plastic beverage containers we produce,” explained John Zupo, President, Nestlé Waters Canada. “If the results we’ve seen in Quebec, Sarnia and Manitoba are any indication, the introduction of public spaces recycling in Nova Scotia will go a long distance towards helping us to achieve that goal.

“We believe that adoption of this program in Nova Scotia will complement the efficiency of the current deposit-refund and curbside recycling programs and will afford consumers an additional, effective mechanism for recycling recycle when they are on the go,” he added. “We believe Nova Scotia consumers not only want to practice recycling at home, they also want to practice it out-of-home. Expect to see meaningful environmental advances through this program.”

“We are confident that this pilot will be successful,” said Ken Friesen, Director, StewardEdge. “Public spaces recycling can help beautify a community, increase participation in curbside recycling and bring additional revenues to the municipality, as all recyclables collected are sold into commodities markets around the world.

“We are working with Nestlé Waters Canada and its beverage industry partners to establish pilots across Canada that help to demonstrate the effectiveness of public spaces recycling -- in the hopes that local and provincial governments will partner with the industry in the establishment of this program in every community across the country.”

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