Nestlé Waters Canada and Township of Puslinch enter into well protection agreement

To Press Releases listJun 21, 2009

Nestlé Waters Canada and Township of Puslinchenter into well protection agreement

Agreement will give local residents peace of mind about their water supply

PUSLINCH, Ontario –Nestlé Waters Canada, Canada’s marketshare-leading manufacturer and distributor of healthy beverage choices, today announced it has reached agreement with the Township of Puslinch on a well protection agreement for those residents who draw water from the same sub-watershed as the Company.

Township of Puslinch Council formally adopted the agreement during a Council meeting in May.

Under the terms of the agreement, a five-member Well Protection Committee will be established by the Township to deal with any and all well concerns brought forward by landowners located in the same sub-watershed as Nestlé Waters Canada’s operations in the Township.

The Committee will operate under four key principles:

  • Rapid response to complaints by well owners;
  • Fix or replace any well within cone of depression if well fails as a result of water-taking by Nestlé Waters Canada;
  • Scientific evaluation, costs assumed by Nestlé Waters Canada, of complaints to determine reason for well failure; and
  • Determination by the Committee of responsibility for failure within five business days of receipt of scientific evaluation.

Well Protection Committee members will include two representatives each from the Township of Puslinch and Nestlé Waters Canada and one from the Grand River Conservation Authority.
“We are a longtime member of the Puslinch community who is committed to operating our business with no adverse impact on our neighbours – even in the event of drought conditions,” said Gail Cosman, President, Nestlé Waters Canada. “While we are vigilant about the quantity of our spring water assets to ensure they remain stable and we only harvest what can be replaced by nature, this agreement will give our neighbours the guarantee necessary to ensure they have recourse if anything should ever happen.”
“Our business depends upon the health of the water supply,” she added. “We must protect it at all times, including drought periods, to ensure its continued, long-term availability.”
Ms. Cosman explained that natural resources managers at Nestlé Waters Canada actively monitor each spring site and the surrounding environment to determine when or if it may be necessary to reduce water collection rates, particularly during periods of drought. This data is regularly reported to government. Based on the monitoring data, water collection may remain steady, be reduced or stopped altogether, depending on environmental conditions.
According to the Ontario Ministry of Environment, commercial bottled water production accounts for less than 0.0014% of all water used by permitted users provincially, including commercial, agricultural, industrial, municipal and recreational entities.

According to Environment Canada, the Canadian bottled water industry uses just 0.02% of permitted water in Canada, compared to thermal power generation (64%), manufacturing (14%), municipalities (12%), agriculture (9%) and mining (1%).

According to Ontario Environment Commissioner Gord Miller, Nestlé Waters Canada is one of only 2% of Ontario industries who pay for the water they take, aside from those industries that are connected to a metered municipal water source.

About the Township of Puslinch

Established in 1850, the Township of Puslinch is located directly south of the City of Guelph and east of the City of Cambridge with Highway 401 bisecting the Township from east to west. Puslinch was named after the English home of Elizabeth Yonge, wife of Sir John Colborne, the Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, 1828-35. Villages in Puslinch include Aberfoyle, Aikensville, Arkell, Badenoch, Crieff, Glen Christie, Killean, Paddock's Corners, Morriston, Corwhin, Downey, Puslinch, and Puslinch Lake. The Township offices are located at 7404 Wellington Road Number 34, Rural Route Number Three, Guelph, Ontario. N1H 6H9.

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About Nestlé Waters Canada

Established in 2000, Nestlé Waters Canada is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nestlé Waters North America of Greenwich, Connecticut. With headquarters in the Township of Puslinch, botttlng facilities in Hope, British Columbia, and Puslinch and distribution facilities in Chilliwack, British Columbia; Puslinch and Laval, Quebec, approximately 500 employees support a network of more than 145 retailers across Canada.

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