Nestlé Waters Canada to evaluate its Gilmour Road site as backup water supply for local bottling operations

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Nestlé Waters Canada to evaluate its Gilmour Road siteas backup water supply for local bottling operations

Company has owned property for many years where review will occur

PUSLINCH, Ontario -- Nestlé Waters Canada, Canada’s marketshare-leading manufacturer and distributor of single-use bottled water beverages, today announced that it will begin evaluations later this month of a Gilmour Road property it has owned for many years as a potential backup water supply for its bottling operations.

The Company will be evaluating the quantity and quality of water in an aquifer located deeper than other aquifers currently in use to supply water to landowners in the area, including Nestlé Waters Canada’s bottling facility, located about 1,500 metres away.

“We are attempting to establish a backup source of water to resolve a risk management matter, in that we don’t have a backup well to support our bottling operations if our primary well goes out of production,” said Gail Cosman, President, Nestlé Waters Canada. “For example, a few weeks ago we had to shut our plant down for five days so that we could perform maintenance on our primary well. If we had a backup water supply, we could have avoided that shut-down.”

If the aquifer at Gilmour Road meets the Company’s needs, it will complete all local, provincial and national regulatory requirements and seek an amendment to its current water-taking permit, at the same total water amount. The Ontario Ministry of Environment considers the Gilmour Road application to be an amendment to the Company’s existing water-taking permit because Nestlé Waters Canada is seeking to establish a backup well. It is not requesting approval to take more water.

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