Nestlé Waters Canada to conduct aquifer test to determine Middlebrook supplementary source feasibility

To Press Releases listSep 22, 2015

Significant interest by neighbours in participating in monitoring program

TOWNSHIP of CENTRE WELLINGTON, Ontario -- Nestlé Waters Canada today announced that there has been significant public interest in participating in its Middlebrook supplementary well siting project and upcoming aquifer test, which will confirm whether or not the source meets the company’s strict water quality and quantity standards.

Over the past three weeks, Nestlé Waters and its consultant, Golder Associates, have been contacting residents in the vicinity of the Middlebrook property to survey private wells and identify suitable wells, ponds, streams and wetlands that will form the monitoring network for the test. Establishing such a network will enable a thorough evaluation of the sustainability of the well.

A permit to take water (PTTW) application for the aquifer test was submitted in July 2015 to the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC). The MOECC will post the PTTW application on its Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) registry for public comment. The test is currently scheduled to occur in November, following permit approval.

The permit application allows up to 30 days of water-drawing for the aquifer test and an additional 30 days of water-drawing for any subsequent water quality testing activities that may be needed. The testing volumes are the same rates (300 US gallons per minute) used in the previous 30-day test of the well, which occurred in 2004. The testing rates are within the limits of the existing PTTW held by the current well owner.

The MOECC generally requires applicants to survey all wells within 500 metres of the pumping well in advance of the water-drawing. Nestlé Waters has voluntarily extended this requirement to survey more than 80 properties within a 2-kilometre radius of the Middlebrook well, As a result of contact from some individuals and businesses in the community of Salem, located almost 4 kilometres away from the Middlebrook property, Nestlé Waters also plans to monitor representative wells there. Salem residents use private wells for their water supply, rather than the Township of Centre Wellington’s public system.

“We are pleased with the interest shown by well owners in the project, specifically in terms of offering to participate in the proposed monitoring program,” said Andreanne Simard, Natural Resources Manager, Nestlé Waters Canada. “However, some residents were confused recently by newspaper advertising and leaflets distributed by others but attributed to Nestlé Waters and its consultant about participation in the proposed well monitoring program. This information contains incorrect claims and was not approved for publication by Golder Associates, nor by Nestlé Waters. In future, residents should know that all authorized communications related to this project can be easily identified by the appearance of the Nestlé Waters logo, complemented by contact information for the Company’s project team.”  

Nestlé Waters has agreed to an option to purchase Middlebrook Water Co., subject to confirmation that the water source meets strict Nestlé water quality and quantity standards and, further, subject to confirmation that MOECC will approve the Middlebrook well for supplementary production purposes.

Ms. Simard estimates that it will take the company until the end of this year to complete the aquifer test and continue its review of the appropriateness of the Middlebrook well as a supplementary production source.

Once the company determines that the well meets its requirements, Ms. Simard said an application for a PTTW would be filed for use of the well by Nestlé Waters for water bottling. Similar to the testing permit application, MOECC would require 90 days to evaluate that application, seek public input as well as the perspectives of commenting agencies.

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