Working Together In the Best Interest of the Wellington County Community

To Press Releases listSep 26, 2016

The long-term sustainability of water and creating a fair and equitable process to manage the Permit to Take Water (PPTW) system are topics Nestlé Waters Canada shares with all Wellington County residents and government decision makers. We are hopeful that a public discussion around permitting, pricing and water sustainability leads to a more collaborative and science-based approach in managing this valuable resource.

With a 15 year local history and 308 employees at the Aberfoyle site, Nestlé Waters Canada has a long-term commitment to sustaining the resources and economy in Guelph and the surrounding area. We know there is more to do and we will continue to address concerns about water permitting, pricing and sustainability, in an open and transparent manner.

In regards to the Middlebrook Water Bottling Co., the site was formerly a permitted water bottling facility that the former owner tried to sell for approximately 10 years.

We have always been transparent and clear that we wanted to work with the community even before we placed the conditional offer on the property in March 2015. Prior to our initial offer we reached out to the Centre Wellington Township to determine their interest in the property and at the time they were not interested in it.

On July 14th 2016, an anonymous party made a counter-offer to purchase this property, and under the terms of our original purchase agreement, we exercised our first right of refusal and proceeded with the purchase of the property according to the March 2015 original agreement. We did not outbid the anonymous offer.

We were not made aware the counter offer was from Centre Wellington until well after we exercised the first right of refusal to proceed with the purchase of the site.

Our application to perform a pump test is still with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. Any decision whether to draw from the source will not be made until we have conducted testing, validated by a third party, on the quality and quantity of the water. Nestlé wants to ensure there is no negative impact on the watershed and surrounding ecosystem.

We remain dedicated to working with all stakeholders on our pump test permit because science drives this process. We continue to work with the township to find a way to move forward in a manner that preserves and creates shared environmental, community and economic value.

Nestlé Canada Corporate Affairs