Working with the government & our community to ensure the protection of water

To Press Releases listAug 24, 2016

Ontario's Premier Kathleen Wynne commented on water taking permits for bottled-water companies. We share her concerns about water sustainability and are committed to being part of the solution. We look forward to participating in the process and the consultations the Premier has asked the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change to undergo. 

Over the last 15 years in Aberfoyle, Nestlé Waters Canada has built a solid body of scientific data on the local water resources. This, along with our ongoing monitoring and management, guides our taking and demonstrates our long-term commitment to sustainable water management. This monitoring program goes above our permitted requirements and we have always been compliant with the government set rate for water taking. 

The price for water is set by the government and is the same for all commercial water users with a Permit to Take Water. We fully agree that all groundwater users should pay their fair share to fund the management of our water resources and all users must be treated equitably. We will continue to work with the government, community and environmental stakeholders to ensure the protection of the resource in Ontario for generations to come.

We also would like to correct some facts that are circulating about our water permits. In Ontario, Nestlé Canada has two active Permits to Take Water; Permit No. 1381-95ATPY for 3,600,000 litres/day in Aberfoyle and Permit No. 3716-8UZMCU for 1,113,000 litres/day in Erin. Totalling 4.7 million litres/day. Recent articles overstated this amount by five times.

There are many permits to take water in the Grand River Watershed and we are an extremely small portion of that. The entire bottled water industry in our watershed uses less than 0.6% of the water. 

We recognize that dry summer weather has an impact on our local water sources. That is why we have voluntarily reduced our taking by 20 percent and remain in constant contact with government and environmental authorities.