Calgary Pilot Public Spaces Recycling Program Diverts 89% of Beverage Containers from Landfill

To Press Releases listNov 12, 2013

Crossroads Market, Inglewood BRZ and Spruce Meadows Sites Achieve Success

CALGARY, Alberta – Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation (ABCRC), Canadian Beverage Association (CBA) and Nestlé Waters Canada today announced that a pilot public spaces recycling program significantly reduced the amount of recyclable material found in the waste stream.

The pilot program, which took place at Crossroads Market, Inglewood Business Revitalization Zone and Spruce Meadows, significantly reduced the amount of recyclable material found in the waste stream and saw an impressive increase in the diversion of recyclables, including beverage containers – most notably by 89% at Inglewood.

Public spaces recycling captures the “last mile” of recyclables – items typically captured through Alberta’s deposit-refund and curbside recycling programs that are abandoned by consumers in park spaces, recreational facilities like arenas, street scapes, transit stops, bars and restaurants, elementary and secondary schools, convenience stores and gas stations.

The pilot programs at Crossroads Market, Inglewood BRZ and Spruce Meadows targeted beverage containers, typically constructed from two of the most valuable materials found in the waste stream – aluminum and PET plastic.

The successful program deployed 7 aluminum dual-stream (recycling and garbage) receptacles at Crossroads Market, 20 steel dual-stream bins at Inglewood BRZ and 21 aluminum triple-stream containers at Spruce Meadows.

“This pilot public spaces recycling program was immediately embraced by our customers, partly because of its convenience but mostly because they all want to do the right thing – recycle,” explained Matthew McDonald, Manager, Crossroads Market. “It has since become a permanent feature of the market, much to the satisfaction of everyone who shops here.”

“The pilot program along the Inglewood BRZ streetscape was very successful and we are very pleased to have had the opportunity to participate in this progressive, green initiative,” said Brian Imeson, Chairman, Board of Directors, Inglewood BRZ. “The very stylish recycling infrastructure has helped to identify the Inglewood streetscape as well as differentiate us from all other business areas in Calgary, particularly in terms of environmental sustainability.”

“As the world’s leading show jumping facility and one of the top sporting and event destinations in Canada, it is important that Spruce Meadows continually demonstrate leadership in all it does – and this pilot enabled us to showcase the effectiveness of public spaces recycling at a large entertainment/sporting venue,” said Linda Southern Heathcott, President & Chief Executive Officer, Spruce Meadows. “Visitors to Spruce Meadows loved the opportunity and, particularly, the convenience of recycling during our major events. We plan to build on the current infrastructure at Spruce Meadows to make our organization the sustainability leader amongst sporting and entertainment destinations in Canada.”

“We are very pleased with the results of this pilot program,” said Guy West, President, Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation (ABCRC). “This kind of activity is part of improving the standard for public spaces recycling, and we are happy to see Crossroads Market, Inglewood BRZ and Spruce Meadows’ individual commitments to continue this program and recycle in their public places.”

“The implementation of the public spaces recycling program has been a success and, while there are still challenges to overcome, recycling rates for beverage containers have improved significantly in those parts of the Calgary community,” explained Jim Goetz, President, Canadian Beverage Association. “The recovery rate for the beverage container stream is impressive in Alberta to begin with but, as the pilot has proven, public spaces recycling will take the province to the next level.”

“Recycling rates for beverage containers were significant at Inglewood after just a few months,” explained Debbie Moore, President, Nestlé Waters Canada. “The high diversion rate was achieved even though the bins, signage and messaging were in place for only a short period of time, which bodes well for the ongoing effectiveness of a permanent public spaces recycling program in Calgary and across the province.”

ABCRC, CBA and Nestle Waters Canada co-funded the cost of the pilot project. It was managed by independent product stewardship consultant Reclay StewardEdge. The results of the pilot will be forwarded to the City of Calgary and the Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Environment.

The Canadian beverage industry is committed to improving its current almost 70% diversion rate for beverage containers, including investing heavily to establish public spaces recycling programs nationally. This includes continuous public education related to recycling and littering. The first permanent program in North America was established by the industry in Manitoba in April 2010. Successful pilots have taken place in Quebec, Ontario (Sarnia and Niagara Region), Nova Scotia (Halifax), British Columbia (Richmond) and Alberta (Calgary).

The industry is awaiting approval to initiate a permanent program across the province of Ontario in 2014.

Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation (ABCRC) is a provincially incorporated not-for-profit product stewardship corporation. Our mandate is to be the agent for the beverage manufacturers to operate a common collection system for registered non-refillable containers; be responsible for recycling non-refillable beverage containers; comply with regulation and Beverage Container Management Board (BCMB) bylaws; and promote the economic and efficient collection of non-refillable beverage containers.

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