Nestlé Waters Canada donates $10,000 to Friends of Mill Creek

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Nestlé Waters Canada donates $10,000to Friends of Mill Creek

Company has donated $71,350 to organization since 2003

PUSLINCH, Ontario – Nestlé Waters Canada, Canada’s marketshare-leading manufacturer and distributor of healthy beverage choices, today announced that it has donated $10,000 to the Friends of Mill Creek.

Nestlé Waters Canada has donated $71,350 to the Friends of Mill Creek through a fund administered by the Grand River Conservation Foundation since 2003.

The Company’s donation helps to support the Friends of Mill Creek in its efforts to undertake fisheries and stream rehabilitation works, including stream bank reconstruction, stream bed re-grading, tree planting, culvert replacement and farm fencing repair. The work is performed by the Mill Creek Stewardship Rangers, four local high school students and a crew leader hired over an eight-week period during each Summer. Educational opportunities are combined with this practical experience. The Rangers will complete their work effort for this year on August 27.

“Nestlé Waters Canada continues to be a great supporter of the program,” said Robert Messier, a Grand River Conservation Authority ecologist who has been a technical advisor to the Mill Creek Rangers. “Not only has the company contributed money to the program, it has helped in other ways by providing access across its property to do work around Mill Creek and participating in the enrichment program for the students.”

“The Mill Creek is an important natural feature of the Puslinch community and it’s great to see Nestlé Waters Canada step up again this year to help us restore the creek for the use and enjoyment of future generations,” said Larry Halyk, Co-chair, Friends of Mill Creek. “It is continuing support from companies like Nestlé Waters Canada that enables us to continue to do the good work we do on behalf of the community.”

“We continue to be very proud to be associated with the Friends of Mill Creek, particularly because of the natural resource education it affords students who serve as Mill Creek Stewardship Rangers for the Summer,” said John Zupo, President, Nestlé Waters Canada. “There is no doubt that the quality of Mill Creek has improved considerably since the establishment of the Friends – and we are committed to working with them to ensure it continues to be a healthy cold water creek for generations to come.”

Mill Creek, a spring-fed cold water stream bordered in many areas by forests and provincially-significant wetlands, begins in upland Puslinch Township and flows southward through the village of Aberfoyle, past extensive Class 1 wetlands, then south of Highway 401, through Shade’s Mills Conservation Area, joining the Grand River in downtown Cambridge, draining approximately 104 square kilometers.

About Grand River Conservation Authority
Established in 1934, the Grand River Conservation Authority works with 38 area municipalities and 925,000 residents to co-operatively manage the water and natural resources in the watershed for everyone’s benefit. The Grand River watershed encompasses all the land drained by the Grand River and is the largest watershed in southern Ontario. It is 6,800 square kilometers (2,800 square miles). The Grand River flows 300 kilometres through southwestern Ontario from the highlands of Dufferin County to Port Maitland on Lake Erie.
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Dave Schultz
Manager of Communications
Grand River Conservation Authority
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About Friends of Mill Creek

Established in 1998, the Friends of Mill Creek is a coalition of provincial agencies, non-governmental organizations, corporations and individuals who work with landowners and other partners to develop, promote and implement projects that will maintain and enhance Mill Creek as a healthy cold water ecosystem.  

For further information, please visit our web site at or contact:

Larry Halyk
Stewardship Coordinator
Wellington County Stewardship Council
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Telephone: (519) 826-4936

About Nestlé Waters Canada

Established in 1970, Nestlé Waters Canada is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nestlé Waters North America of Greenwich, Connecticut. With headquarters in the Township of Puslinch, bottling facilities in Hope, British Columbia, and Puslinch and distribution facilities in Chilliwack, British Columbia; Puslinch and Laval, Quebec, approximately 450 employees support a network of more than 145 retailers across Canada.

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