Nestlé Waters Canada announces the purchase of the Middlebrook Water Company property

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Guelph, ON – Nestlé Waters Canada (NWC) announced today that they have proceeded with the purchase of the Middlebrook Water Company property, land for which they have had a conditional offer for the past eighteen months. Nestlé Waters Canada is waiting on a permit to perform an official pump test to demonstrate the sustainability of the water source under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment and Climate change (MOECC).  Until that test is complete and they receive a permit from the MOECC, NWC will not draw water from this site.

Recently, another party made an offer to purchase this property. As stated in the original agreement of purchase, NWC has in such a case the right to proceed with the purchase, waiving all conditions. The decision was made to activate this clause and to purchase the Middlebrook Water Company property.  

“We are happy to make this important investment in Wellington County, where we have been an active and proud community member for the last 15 years”, says Debbie Moore, President and CEO of Nestlé Waters Canada.

NWC remains committed to the property as a supplementary source to support its current operations, and has been engaging with the community while awaiting the pump test permit.

Data and science drives Nestlé Waters’ decision making and as stated by Andreanne Simard, Natural Resource Manager at NWC, “we will reserve any decision on drawing from the source until a thorough test has been conducted to ensure there is no negative impact on the watershed and surrounding ecosystem. We remain dedicated to performing a pump test on the quality and quantity of the water, and continue to work closely with the MOECC on the application for a permit to conduct testing on this source.”

Through this process, NWC will gain sound scientific data, validated by an independent third party. This data will be provided to the community and local conservation management organizations who can use it to improve and inform long-term comprehensive sustainable water management.

As the proud owners of the Middlebrook site, NWC looks forward to continuing to be an active member of the Elora community for many years to come. The company has been operating in Wellington County for more than 15 years and has a proud record of sustainable water management and commitment to the community. NWC  is actively supporting organizations such as The University of Guelph Groundwater Research program, Friends of Mill Creek, Project WET, The Green Legacy Program, Adopt a Road program and the Puslinch Optimist Recreation Centre, just to name a few.

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