Nestlé Waters Invites Centre Wellington to Discuss Partnership on the Middlebrook Road Property

To Press Releases listDec 13, 2016

Guelph, ON - December 13, 2016  - Representatives from Nestlé Waters Canada appeared last evening before the Township of Centre Wellington Council to propose further discussion on partnering with the Township on the future of Nestlé’s Middlebrook Road property. Nestlé Waters Canada asked permission from Council to consult with Township staff on potential partnership concepts, and to move forward with discussions that are fully protective of community needs to safe reliable drinking water and the environment. 
“Through discussion, we hope that a partnership concept will be identified that both the Township and Nestlé Waters can agree upon,” said Andreanne Simard, Natural Resources Manager at Nestlé Waters Canada. “We are excited to work with Centre Wellington staff on their ideas for partnership which sees community needs prioritized, while also identifying potential revenue streams that contribute to shared and sustainable prosperity.”

Nestlé Waters Canada began to consider this option on August 19 after they were made aware that Centre Wellington was the anonymous counteroffer on the Middlebrook Water Bottling Co. property, and the company is very much aligned with the Township’s intention to address the long-term quality and quantity of water. 

In the meantime, we will continue to be available to meet with Centre Wellington residents at our weekly office hours. Community office hours will take a short break over the holidays, returning to Elora in early January 2017. Nestlé Waters will continue to publish advertisements in the Wellington Advertiser and work with Centre Wellington staff and Councillors to appropriately notify community members. 

“I have held over 120 hours of open community office hours in Elora over the last 18 months,” said Andreanne Simard, Natural Resources Manager at Nestlé Waters Canada. “I’m looking forward to continuing to develop relationships with residents and discussing holistic approaches to water resource management which ensure community needs come first.”

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