Nestlé Waters Welcomes Continuing Science-Based Discussions with the City of Guelph and Area Residents

To Press Releases listSep 27, 2016

As a member of the community, Nestlé Waters Canada welcomed last night’s discussion at the City of Guelph Council. Over the last 15 years at our Aberfoyle plant, we have always had an open dialogue with the City of Guelph and hope to continue good relations as a local employer of 308 people, economic contributor, and partner on water research and sustainability.

On Monday night, Councillors voted to review “the future sustainability of water-taking from the watershed shared by the City of Guelph.” All water bottlers in the Grand River Watershed including Nestlé Waters in Aberfoyle, represent just 0.6% of the permitted water-taking according to the Grand River Conservation Authority. Based on the motion, Mayor and Council will await a report from Intergovernmental Relations, Policy and Open Government City Staff on the motion expected in November.

In the interim, we are keen to continue active listening and science-based conversations with all community stakeholders. Alongside members of the public, we also look forward to participating in the November 7 Committee of the Whole. We are hopeful that this public discussion will lead to a more collaborative and science-based approach in managing this valuable resource into the future.

Nestlé Waters is proud to be a part of a community that cares so much about waters and its sustainability. We embrace the opportunity to continue our dialogue on issues of importance to the City of Guelph and surrounding area neighbours such as Ontario’s PTTW system, water pricing, and water sustainability.