How You Can Help

Recycling is important to everyone. That’s why we look for ways to get involved with a variety of organizations and programs that support recycling efforts in many forms. But there are plenty of ways that individuals can get involved in reducing what gets thrown away.

Recycling More

Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation
BCMB Alberta
Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association
Eco Enterprises Quebec
Encorp Atlantic
Encorp Pacific
Multi-Materials British Columbia
MMSB Newfoundland
MMSM Manitoba
New Brunswick Ministry of Environment
Prince Edward Island Ministry of Environment
Recyc Quebec
RRFB Nova Scotia
Stewardship Ontario

Up with recycling

We all want to recycle. But today, convenient recycling isn’t always available. We’re trying to change that by creating programs that make recycling more accessible.

Get innovative!

People are finding interesting new ways to reuse all sorts of products and materials. In the future, we see that trend continuing, and expanding. Already, people are using shopping bags made of recycled plastic and buying clothing, carpeting, and other products made with rPET.