Water Sources & Quality


Learn what we do in our goal to ensure the highest quality.

We work to earn our consumers' trust and faith that our products will not only taste good, but also will be safe to drink. To prove how much we value that trust, we have invested in state-of-the-art quality systems, staff training and analytical processes centered on our quality process.


Our passion for water starts at the source

We take great care in selecting our natural springs to find the right sources where the minerals and the elements combine to create 100% natural spring water that meets our requirements. We work closely with communities around our sources.


Process and Testing

Our quality process can be summed up in one word, uncompromising. Our bottle seals in and protects the quality of our water. Our water brands are quality tested 2,500 times a day. That’s more in one week than most municipal systems test their waters in one year. Our processes are also far more thorough than pour-over filters.


MOECC Letter on Aberfoyle and Erin Permits